I refine and fix websites

Style, speed, and security for WordPress!

I’m a web developer

… with a wealth of knowledge, and a friendly disposition.

You have a website that’s not performing. It’s a source of frustration, it’s not serving you, or another ‘web designer’ has left you in the lurch.

Here’s what I do, in a nutshell:

  • WordPress – maintenance, updates, fixes
  • Increase site speed
  • Set-up enhanced security
  • Help with SEO
  • Add features, re-styling, and brand consistency

I take websites to the next level in 3 ways:


People DO judge a book by it’s cover, and they DO judge a website by it’s styling. What does yours say? Re-style existing themes without a painful and costly rebuild.


If you have a slow website, visitors will leave, and Google won’t rank you as well. A speed audit will detail what factors are slowing it down, so we can go ahead and make it faster.


How secure is your site? If you don’t know, we can find out. I investigate all the common security loopholes and plug them, so you don’t get hacked. From usernames to HTTPS.

“True refinement seeks simplicity.” –Bruce Lee

Kind words

How I work

I like to work in 5-hour blocks so that I can go deep and make a significant difference to your website. My number 1 priority, is to take the load off your shoulders, so that you can spend the time focusing on what you’re best at!

My clients can attest that I am trustworthy and have exceptional attention to detail.

If you book a call with me and we decide to work together, I promise to make more progress, and add more value than you expect. I’ll help you present your business in the light that you originally imagined it (or better)!

I explain my rates here in the interest of complete transparency.

Happy clients

A few notable clients that I’ve worked for. All happy 🙂